Wait for me

Wait for me

The painting "Wait for me" tells a touching story that highlights the importance of nature conservation and family cohesion in the animal world.

At the center is a lonely elephant who desperately tries to follow his family in the vast steppe. This scene symbolizes the challenges that wild animals face, particularly the threat to their habitat and the destruction of their family structures.

The depiction of the young elephant struggling to keep up with his parents reflects the universal truth that both animal and human children need their parents to survive. It is a cautionary reminder of humanity's responsibility to protect and preserve the natural habitats of these majestic creatures.

The painting acts as a powerful message that raises awareness about the importance of conservation. It reminds us that every species, no matter how large or small, has a family and that the survival of these families depends on the preservation of their natural environment. "Wait for me" conveys the urgency of this issue in a way that touches the heart and provokes thought.

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