Stunning Art by Harri Spietz

Welcome to my picture shop!

I am a fine art and digital artist from Heidenrod, Germany. In my work I deal with various topics such as nature, society and emotions. I work with various materials and techniques including canvas, paint, brushes, Corel Painter, Affinity and AI.

In my picture shop you will find a selection of my work. Many of my painted pictures have had a digital sister. These are often in a different style and offer a new perspective on the original motif.

I want to stimulate the viewer's imagination with my pictures. I want viewers to find their own stories and interpretations.

Here are some examples of my work:

    Nature: I try to capture the beauty of nature in my landscape pictures. I love exploring the different colors and shapes of nature.
    Cubist landscape painting, Black Forest
    Society: In my pictures of society I deal with current issues such as environmental protection, equality and social justice. I want to use my pictures to make you think and help make the world a better place.
    Dark Angel, for women's independence
    Emotions: In my emotional pictures I express my own feelings and thoughts. I want viewers to feel connected to my images and allow their own emotions to emerge.
    touch down, football emotions

    I would be happy if you look at my pictures and maybe even bring one of them home!