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Canvas print Christopher, abstract wall yellow triangle sun

Canvas print Christopher, abstract wall yellow triangle sun

Christopher: A Portrait of Freedom” masterfully captures the essence of liberation. A symphony of color and form that captures the viewer's heart and touches the mind. The image consists of a series of triangles in impressively bright hues, set high in a brilliant, flying sun. It creates a visual metaphor for the journey towards the light of freedom. The triangles represent the variety of unique paths one can take in the search for freedom, and their journey to the sun symbolizes the ultimate goal of enlightenment and liberation. This masterpiece invites the viewer to reflect on their personal path to freedom and leaves a deep and lasting impression. A perfect piece for the contemporary art connoisseur - this painting is more than just decoration, it is a conversation starter and a reflection of the universal human desire for freedom.

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Printed colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen due to different monitor calibrations/phone screen settings. Colors may also depend on the quality of the printer inks and the paper or print medium used.

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