Geheimnisse unserer Leinwandqualität

Secrets of our canvas quality

Canvas quality

at least 340g mixed fabric

We use the finest high quality when printing photo canvas,
bright white, 340g strong premium fine art cotton blend fabric
also used in traditional galleries

Cotton blend canvas

Our canvas is not transparent. They recognize
the back shows the natural colors and structures of the
Cotton blend fabric.

Photo canvas print quality

High quality pigment fine art print

By printing with water-based, solvent-free pigment inks and state-of-the-art printing technology, our art prints receive clear, sharp and high-contrast colors.

The stretcher frames

Consist of 45mm wide, solid spruce wood, which is also used in galleries.

Our stretcher frames are true craftsmanship, as they were used in the 17th century. The ends of the wooden strips are processed so that they fit together without nails or screws
let. The canvas is then stretched onto the frame and fixed in the corners with wooden wedges. Because the canvas tension increases over time
can loosen, you can tighten the wedges at any time to restore tension.

Stretcher frame with stable cross struts

Wood works in a well-known way. Humidity and heat, as well as the stretched photo canvas, play a crucial role.

So that you can enjoy your canvas for decades,
We use 45mm wide stable frames and also stabilize large frames with cross braces.

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